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About Bulgaria

The legend says that when God decided to divide the earth between the nations all nations came to him for their pieces. Only the Bulgarian was not there, because he was working in the field till late in the night. He finally finished his work and came to God. At that time all was distributed among the other peoples. But God thought over and evaluating the Bulgarian hard working, detached a piece of Paradize and gave to the Bulgarian. Since that moment that Horn Of Plenty that is placed in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula is named Bulgaria.
Bulgaria opens her doors for the rest of all guests and tourists, receives like warm hostess, surrounding with beauty and plenty of colours, variety of natural reliefs, rich national culture, gives the visitors unforgetable impressions, gives the opportunity to charge yourself in the quiet and peacefull world that is taking you away from the stress and vanity of the everyday life, fills with energy and emotions.
The picturesque small country with name Bulgaria is existing in europe more than 13 centuries, linking East and West. Tourists from all over the world are coming in Bulgaria to admire its beautiful nature.
The surface of Bulgaria is 110 911 square kilometers. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it has verious relief, amazingly beatiful nature and smooth climate, incredibly delicious vegetables and fruits and open hearted hospitable people. Those are common, serious, suffering people. They will never refuse a favour and will always help also a foreigner even if they are noding negatively with their heads – as Bulgarian noding for „No“ means „Yes“
What ever the question is about: the wide beaches with fine golden sand, virgin landscapes or for priceless historical finds with four thousands years antiquity no comparissons should be made. Even if the Bulgarian coast is often named Riviera and the proud Rila slopes – Bulgarian Alpi it is true and also not at all true – Bulgaria is unique and original.
The ones traveling through the country will outline for themselves the beauty of the old Nessebar, the exquisite gardens of the palace in Balchik, the glory of the fortress of Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo and the magic of the Stone wood in Varna. Getting to know all those well preserved architectural monuments, churches, with unique icons collections, etnographic museums collections will without any doubt enrich the impression of this hospitable country.
This country is perfect for rest and holidays due to the clean sand, suitable and not deep bays where the sea resorts are situated. Hotels are as a rule situated at the sea side or in the vicinity of the sea side. They offer reasonable combination between price and quality of accommodation and are at the same time some of the newest in the modern world tourist industry.
The sea resorts are not the only advantage of this most interesting country. The nature and character of Bulgaria can be seen also in her exciting mountain areas. Their relief includes high snow covered peaks, smooth green slopes hiding termal and mineral springs as well as sweet smelling flowers and grass valeys. In the center of the country is situated the so called Rose Valey. The biggest quantity of rose oil in the world is manufactured here. Therefore Bulgaria is often named Country of Roses.
The steep upper mountain parts of Rila and Pirin serve as a picturesque basis for ski resorts, the season for which is from the middle of December till the middle of April for the famous Rila Monastery and for the gorgeous National Park Pirin, which was included by UNESCO in the list of the world heritage.